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Recreational Metal Detectors (VLF)

These metal detectors are usually very lightweight and have a small disk (standard discs of 25 centimeters) and their metal exploration depth is usually less than one meter. This means that a square meter of 1 meter in 1 meter can be found at a maximum distance of one meter. Recreational metal detectors are designed to find metals on the surface of the soil. This type of metal detector has a digital and advanced display. Digital detectors have a resolution of 80% or less. In order to remove ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals with a precision of 80%.

Progressive metal detectors (PIs)

Advanced metal detectors have much more power than other metal detectors. Advanced metal detectors are relatively heavy in weight, because they use double batteries for acidic batteries similar to motorcycles, and usually their metal detectors or batteries, or both, are closed to the waist. Advanced metal detectors have a high degree of separation and can not separate iron metals from non-metallic ones and notice any metal or alloy. Advanced metal detectors do not have a monitor and they are simple.

Industrial metal detectors

Industrial metal detectors are used in a variety of industries, such as carpet, packaging and wood packaging industries and factories.

Transmitter and receiver transponders (TR)

The sender-receiver's metal detectors consist of a number of front-facing transmitters and a disc of the receiver at the bottom of the device, which are usually square-shaped. Transmitters / receivers have no power resolution and are only designed to find large metals such as a water pipe and large metal stripes, and sometimes called mass detectors. It's hard to work with these metal detectors, and because of the difficulty of the metal detector's settings, - the loss of the target - the large number of misunderstandings - the mistake in determining the exact location of the metal - has not been widely sold.

Frequency Meters

Low-frequency metal detectors and gold-plated metal detectors, such as inductive frequency detectors or detectors (EDIT) or (VDI DISC), and THRESHOLD or TARGET X (Target X), have high power in detecting and differentiating Metals and targets such as gold and so on, and in each scene of work, which is bad soil, bad ground or contaminated ground, it can easily distinguish and recognize targets and the metal detector operator or metal detector user must This type of metal detector has been practiced since it has been practiced with experience and adjusts its low frequency metal detector to its skill in any kind of scene. Amal or the real goal is the discovery of gold. Metal detectors can differentiate their resolution in the separation and detection conditions of metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, nickel, chromium, aluminum, bronze, rice, tin and alloys of metals, and can detect metal or metal The value of nonferrous or precious metal is in principle the recognition of the difference between metals in terms of separation. [1]

Magnetic metal detectors

The conditions belong to the magnetic detector and the induction voltage detector, such as pulse metallurgy (PI), metal detector (VLF), metal detector (BFO), TI detector (TR), magneto-magnetometer or magnetometer and Tesla device, which functions as a function of these metal detectors. Detection of the phase difference is due to changes in the conditions of the magnetic field in the search or coil, loop and magnetic sensor, and any kind of magnetic change from minerals or sources or changes in the layers of the earth in the workplace can be caused, such as the metal or gold, to react Or the response in these systems, and the detection of metals in the magnetic detector to p All metals are ALL METAL and DISCRIMINATION or DISC. [2]

Ground radar thermal analyzer

Ground radar thermal system is a sub-manual or downstream handheld ground radar resource. These systems have high power performance and, by specifying the number (VDI) and the dimensions of the THRESHOLD, can have a precise reaction to detect the target, gold or a variety of metals with the corresponding color, but for operation requires high operator experience. Is. Specialization in the field of operation With these radar thermal systems, it depends on the type of skill of the metalworker operator to determine the type of color, numbers, images, color spells, sound and motion of the antenna. Thermal radar thermal analyzer system or radial handheld thermal radar operate with a variety of software that is specially designed for these systems. Radiator thermal radar or thermal handheld radar have the ability to explore goals with colors and numbers (VDIs) for the same purpose or gold, and with both the software the three-color spray application and the color separation software (COLOR PRO) . [3]

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